In this age of information overload, ranking pertinent information in an accessible format has become the need of the hour. Gone are those days when people fancied the traditional yellow pages paperback to search for suitable business contacts. Nowadays conducting a search through those heavy physical publications is deemed as time-consuming, not to mention tedious and boring.

Online business directories have evolved as a revolutionary way to find important information in a matter of a few clicks itself.

What is a Web Directory?

In simple terms, a web directory is an online compilation of valid information and contact details of several companies and organizations. Online business directories display the businesses categorically, and in an industry specific manner. Therefore, they greatly assist people looking for a particular service and enable them to find that service by making a suitable comparison of all the options pertaining to the particular industry.

How Does it Work?

Suppose you need to find an email marketing agency in Florida. You begin by running an online search for a web directory. Since the latter is optimized for search engines, it appears instantly on the first search engine results page. Now when you click on the search result corresponding to the online directory, you get to view the full display of the listed companies offering email marketing services in Florida. At this stage, you can make a comparison of all the businesses or sort them by location before making a final decision. For a clearer picture of the services, you can even visit their websites directly through the listed information.

If, in case, you know the name of the company you’re looking for but are unsure about their location or business phone numbers, all that you have to do is just type the company’s name in the web directory. When you do this, you get instant access to complete details of the business you’re looking for, including the current address and contact numbers.

Importance of Listing Your Website on a Web Directory

The Local Search Association has reported that almost 8 out of 10 individuals look into a web directory when they’re in need of a specific service. Additionally, these 8 out of 10 people who scour through a web directory also end up becoming dedicated clients of suitable websites found through the directory.

There is a considerable segment of online searches that convert into leads and you’ve to ensure that the users making these searches find the right direction to access your site instead of turning to your competitors’ sites. Online business directories help you to do just that.

Akin to social media marketing, an online directory promotes your website through indirect advertisement. However, unlike other campaigning strategies where you indirectly promote your service, in this case, you make your business information directly available to serious-minded clients who’re likely to keep availing your services and even recommend others to do the same.

Not everyone understands the tremendous benefits that one gets by having their business listed on a web directory.

The following explains this in a detailed manner.

Contrary to a CTR advertisement, a web directory causes a two-fold traffic inflow to your website- direct and indirect. Direct traffic flow, essentially means that customers find you by just following your website listing. While this may seem to be insignificant, the number of customers that your site receives turn out to be prospective leads.

Indirect traffic flow refers to the clients that are touted to your website through the search engine results page. For instance, when people conduct an online search of the term ‘insurance’, they come across a web directory that ranks high on the search engine results page for that particular term. Now since your company is positioned near the top of the directory’s ‘insurance’ category, users can easily access your website by simply clicking on the insurance category.

Having your online presence listed on a web directory can help you ensure that your site gets a higher search engine rank. This is simply because the listed URL link to your site turns into a valuable inbound link for relevant search results. Relevant search basically means that your website provides the proper information that you know would help people when searching something online.

Many don’t know this but when a particular investor or business is searching for a suitable business partner that caters to their requirements and borders around their own niche, an online business directory is the first place they search on. Needless to say, listing your website on a web directory is thus the easiest and surest way to land up with lucrative partnerships that can take your business to great heights and reward you with escalating profit margins.

By improving online visibility, a web directory makes your website easily accessible to all those people patrolling the internet in search of a particular business. Even if you’ve been running an online business for several years, there still are a huge number of people who’re unaware of your services and yet, could benefit from them immensely. Having your website listed online will not only inform prospective customers about your existence but also turn out to be the most reliable way to advertise your services.

Finally, web directories allow users to incorporate pertinent details like the product name, type of services, as well as places where they are located. By making such important information available, they give your potential customers a chance to contact you. Alternatively, they can even access your website by clicking on the URL link listed alongside your details in the directory. Many web directories bridge the gap between businesses and customers by making use of novel strategies like accurate target listing, optimized search engine placement, easy to contact roadmap, as well as an in-depth review management.

In a Nutshell…

Optimized business directories take your business to new horizons by ranking higher in both local and web search engines. Since they are given top priority online, your site gets the golden opportunity to appear higher on the search engine results page in spite of not scoring the desired rank. With a web directory, you not only grab the attention of prospective leads but also enhance your business revenue by letting your website stand out from a million of other similar ones.



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